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Nouveau Paris has grown into a leading name in the domestic and international beauty markets, earning a reputation for luxurious products and signature packaging, making Nouveau Paris renowned as "the most classic company in the industry."


What We Do

Nouveau Paris was fashioned to suit the distinguished taste of the trend-setting, sophisticated consumer. At Nouveau Paris, it's always about you. We're available at select nationwide department stores and certified online partners.



View how lovable and enjoyable our products are for our celebrities and publications. Throughout the years, time and time again, such national and international media acclaim for Nouveau Paris has been widespread and glowing.


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Nouveau Paris' objective is simple: your satisfaction. We bring you scents hand-crafted by experienced artisans that inspire personality, creativity and individuality. Click to learn about how we work to satisfy you.


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I really love Nouveau Paris perfumes! I ordered a few and they smell so good! I really like their Blue Diamond perfume.

The honeyed juiciness of a particular Les Fleurs perfume stays present on my skin from start to finish, its sweetness complimented by a nectarous rose and balanced by a fresher, drier floral accord that includes jasmine.

ABI Perfumer's Review

I like the uncomplicated smoothness of the scent; the sweetness of the fruit is not excessive, the floral accord is not overwhelming..."Mellifluous" is the word that comes to mind when I think of Blue Diamond.

International Connoisseurs